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Ranger Saves Truck Driver After Rig Crashes Into Lake

Amistad National Recreation Area

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In the pre-dawn hours of April 25th, the driver of a loaded semi-tractor trailer lost control of his rig on the US Highway 90 bridge over Lake Amistad. The truck first struck a boat trailer being towed by a truck, destroying the boat, then ran onto the guard rail for approximately 30 feet before falling into the lake. Rangers who were approximately a mile away at the time heard the sound of the impact. Supervisory ranger Erich Robb responded and entered the water in an attempt to remove the driver from the truck, which was submerged in approximately 15 feet of water.  The driver had apparently been thrown clear of the truck, and Robb found him floundering on the surface with his head going under.  He was able to pull the driver out of the water and begin first aid. Attempts to get to a second man who was trapped in the crushed cab of the truck were unsuccessful.  The surviving driver was life-flighted to a San Antonio hospital and is expected to recover. The tractor and trailer were removed that day, with cleanup of the truck's diesel and oil completed the next day. Cleanup of the cargo in the lake (unwound spools of automotive wiring) is continuing and should be completed by the end of the week.  Robb was IC for the initial response. The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the collision.


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