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Nearly $10,000 Donated To Tsunami Relief

National Park of American Samoa

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Nearly $10,000 in disaster relief funds have been donated by National Park Service colleagues, retirees, and other caring individuals across the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, and Alaska for the benefit of National Park of American Samoa employees who were adversely affected by the recent tsunami.

The donations were divided among the national park employees who lost homes and property during the September 29th tsunami.  These employees were also among those who contributed to the relief efforts during and in the weeks following the disaster. National park crews helped in the efforts in Pago Pago and Leone to search for injured people, survivors, and victims. In the weeks following the event, the NPS crews helped in the cleanup efforts in Leone, Afono, Fagasa, Vatia and Pago Pago.

The monies are being administered by the Hawaii Natural History Association via an account created for employee disaster relief in response to the September 29th event.

The National Park of American Samoa exists to preserve the tropical forest, coral reefs and archeological and cultural resources of American Samoa, to maintain the habitat of flying foxes, and to provide educational opportunities for visitors.

The Hawaii Natural History Association, the organization which runs the National Park of American Samoa bookstore, is a nonprofit cooperating association authorized by Congress to support the interpretive, educational, scientific and historic mission of the National Park Service. Proceeds from the sale of educational items in the sales outlets in park visitor centers and on their web site are returned directly to the Park Service to support interpretive programs, research projects, museum activities, free publications, cultural demonstrations, and other related activities.

For more information about visiting the National Park of American Samoa, email or visit its website –

For more information about the Hawaii Natural History Association, visit its website –


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