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Rangers Rescue Airman Seriously Injured In Boating Mishap

Amistad National Recreation Area

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On Sunday, September 6th, rangers heard a call for assistance on the marine band radio, reporting an injured man on the Devils River. A group of Air Force personnel from nearby Laughlin AFB were enjoying a day of boating and tubing on the river, using equipment they had rented from the Air Force marina. As they were doing so, an oversized tube toy that was in the back of a boat caught the wind and flew out. It’s tow line wrapped around the ankle of a 23-year-old man and yanked him out of the boat, seriously injuring him. Supervisory ranger Steve Krisko headed the rescue operation and was joined by ranger Andrew Sanford and a Texas game warden. They found the man on the boat’s swim deck, suffering from a full circumference laceration and near degloving of  his ankle (an avulsion in which an extensive amount of skin is pulled off), a dislocated hip, and a broken pelvis. They prepared him for transport, took him by boat to the Rough Canyon boat ramp, and transferred him to an ambulance that took him to the Val Verde Regional Medical Center.  He was then flown to the Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio for advanced treatment.


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