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Stolen Artifacts Recovered

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

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National Park Service investigators have found and recovered a duffle bag containing items that were stolen from the park earlier this month. The specific location where the duffle bag was found has not been disclosed, except that it was in northeastern Colorado.  A museum curator from Intermountain Regional Office assisted with an inventory and assessment of the bag’s contents. All of the items have been accounted for and appear to be undamaged. “The items that were taken from the collection are priceless,” said superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky. “They are important pieces that tell part of the story of American history. The staff here at Agate would like to thank all the agencies involved for their hard work and vigilance in recovering these artifacts.” On Tuesday, July 10th, maintenance workers arrived at work to discover that sometime during the previous evening the visitor center had been burglarized.  Items from the James Cook-Red Cloud Collection had been taken from the museum display cases. Two brothers, Gary Paul Garihan and Maxwell M. Garihan, are being held in federal custody in Denver, Colorado. They have been charged by the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Colorado, with interstate transportation of stolen goods in violation of Title 18, United States Code. Both men will be in court this week for additional legal proceedings. Special agents and law enforcement rangers from both Intermountain and Midwest Regions have been coordinating their efforts along with the other agencies due to the large geographic and multi-state area this crime occurred in. The investigation and recovery effort has been a collaborative effort with numerous law enforcement agencies including the National Park Service, Nebraska State Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Park Police, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Logan County (Colorado) Sheriffs Office, Sioux County (Nebraska) Sheriff’s Office, Omaha (Nebraska) Police Department, and the United States Attorneys Offices for the Districts of Colorado and Nebraska.


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