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Commercial Filming Violation Involving Discovery Channel

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On July 16th, park resource management specialist Mike Tetreau, currently an intermittent employee working with a private firm conducting follow-up studies related to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill along the park coastline, found an apparent commercial filming production in Taroka Arm, a seldom-visited area along the park's southern coast. In addition to the campsite "set" itself, a nearby support crew camp was located near a sensitive archaeological site. Ranger Sean Brennan, currently on detail as a criminal investigator assignment with the NPS Investigative Services Branch, flew to the site by chartered float plane the following day with Tetreau and contacted Les Stroud, also known as the "Survivorman", who has a show by the same name currently running on the Discovery Channel.  Stroud, with a crew of four at the nearby camp, was apparently filming an upcoming episode of the show in the park, with a driftwood shelter constructed on the beach and multiple cameras surrounding it. Stroud was cited for commercial filming without a permit, and given the opportunity to obtain a permit.  Stroud paid the required application, location and monitoring fees, totaling approximately $2,800, which will allow the park to recover most of the cost of the investigation.


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