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Flood Hammers Park And Seward Area

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On Monday, October 9th, flood warnings were issued for several areas of Alaska, including Seward. Park headquarters is located in Seward, and the park maintains a visitor center at the popular Exit Glacier. Torrential rains caused rivers to rise out of their banks and flood much of the city, leading to the issuance of a disaster declaration. By Tuesday afternoon, water began dropping in the Resurrection River and receding from flooded areas, but flood conditions persist in several subdivisions around Seward, including the Exit Glacier subdivision where the park’s maintenance facility is located. Flooding there was from Box Canyon Creek, which broke through its levees and sent a torrent of water, ice and debris through the area. Although park staff were able to leave the facility before roads became impassable, some had to leave their personal vehicles there. Crews have been unable to push Box Canyon Creek back into its channel, but several new small flood channels have developed across the subdivision. In the Old Mill subdivision north of Seward, floodwaters had not yet receded at the time of the report. Floating fuel and septic tanks have been seen and the borough has posted notices advising those on wells to boil water. Several members of the park’s staff are standing vigil at their properties, which have been cutoff by flooded bridges and roads, and the park is helping them as much as possible. The road to Lowell Point has been closed due to a bridge washout. Staff commuting from that location may have to use local water taxi services for the time being. Water remains about a half foot deep across the park road to Exit Glacier, which has been closed since late on Monday. Click on "More Information" for a related news story.


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