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Park To Remain Closed Indefinitely

Coronado National Memorial

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Coronado National Memorial, which was closed on July 31st due to destruction of facilities caused by very heavy rains, will remain closed indefinitely. During that storm, about a foot of rain fell in 30 hours, causing widespread damage to trails, utilities and the park’s main road. Workers have successfully restored running water to sinks and toilets in the administrative buildings, but there is still no potable water in the park and there are rocks, debris, and other hazards in public use areas. The severely damaged picnic area remains completely detached from functioning water lines.  A trail assessment shows that the park’s most popular trail, which runs to Coronado Cave, is almost totally destroyed and will cost almost $200,000 to replace. Repairs to the main park road, a key route for the US Border Patrol, are a higher priority.  Federal Highways will be visiting the park to develop a road repair estimate for emergency funding. Law enforcement rangers are actively protecting the park from illegal activities. In addition, they are securing the main park road against public traffic, which continues to be a hazard for equipment operators. The sky continues to rumble and the park is expecting more rain over the next few days.


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