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National Park Service Announces Implementation of Location Fees for Commercial and Still Photography

Cabrillo National Monument

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On April 14, 2006, National Park Service (NPS) Director Fran Mainella announced that the NPS is implementing, at the direction of Congress, a Public Law that will allow the collection of location fees for commercial filming and still photography starting on May 15, 2005.

“Public lands were set aside in order to conserve and protect areas of untold beauty and grandeur, historical significance, and uniqueness for future generations,” said Mainella. “Often, it is the magnificence of these same lands that attracts filmmakers. This revised regulation will allow the Park Service to collect reasonable fees for use of federal lands as a result of both commercial filming and certain still photography activities. It’s a positive step forward and a good balance to help ensure these national treasures are enjoyed and cared for in the proper manner.”

For Cabrillo National Monument, this means that location fees will now be implemented, in addition to cost recovery charges that are currently being collected.

Location fee schedule for NPS and Cabrillo National Monument


1-10 people - $150.00/day

11-30 people - $250.00/day

31-49 people - $500.00/day

Over 50 people - $750.00/day


1-10 people - $50.00/day

11-30 people - $150.00/day

Over 30 people - $250.00/day

The following provision has been added to the NPS policy on commercial filming to address the needs of small-scale enterprises that produce nature films highlighting the wonders of national parks:

"Commercial videographers, cinematographers, or sound recording crews of up to two people with only minimal equipment (i.e., a camera and a tripod) working in areas open to the public are required to obtain a commercial filming permit and are subject to appropriate permit terms and conditions and cost recovery charges but are not subject to location fees."

Questions on filming or photography within Cabrillo National Monument should be directed to Chief Ranger Ely Edquid at (619) 523-4563, or


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