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Park Begins Centennial Year Celebration

Cabrillo National Monument

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Cabrillo National Monument is kicking off its centennial year with participation in several parades in San Diego and the Southern California region.

Planning is well underway for the 160-acre park to commemorate its 100th anniversary on October 14th. In addition to a special ceremony on that date, other special events will be held throughout the year.  The community has been invited to participate in a photo memory book, as well as cake and essay contests.

Park staff and volunteers have participated in three parades with two more scheduled later this year.  A helium balloon and 16th century attire add to the festivities.  Additional centennial activities will also be added to the park’s Whale Watch and Intertidal Life Festival and Parks and Open Spaces Day events.

Cabrillo National Monument commemorates the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo at San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542.  It’s also known for its historic lighthouse, military history, coastal native vegetation and tide pools. Centennial events will help the park further extend its reach into the urban gateway community of San Diego by offering diverse programs and other unique opportunities to inspire new stewards for its next 100 years.

For a list of Cabrillo’s centennial festivities and for more information, visit .


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