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New Interagency Water Quality Partnership Established

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Numerous federal, state, and local agencies have responsibilities and authorities on Lakes Mead and Mohave related to water resources and water dependent wildlife. While there has been a history of sharing data and information among the agencies, until now there has been no formalized partnership recognizing the many shared resource objectives and interests. There has also not been a consistent means for sharing information in support of cooperative monitoring and science.

In May, the agencies completed a purpose statement formalizing the Lake Mead Ecosystem Monitoring Work Group. Participating agencies include the National Park Service, USGS, Bureau of Reclamation, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Nevada Division of Wildlife, Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the four local wastewater reclamation treatment districts within Clark County, Nevada.

Through this agreement, various agencies and organizations conducting monitoring and research on Lakes Mead and Mohave share data and information with the goal of developing a holistic, ecosystem-level understanding of these water bodies.

The work group is a sub-committee of the Lake Mead Water Quality Forum, sanctioned by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

See for a description of the partnership's mission, goals, accomplishments, and reports. For more information, please contact the park's water resources manager, Kent Turner, at or 702 293 8941


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