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Cooperative Agreement Finalized With School District

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Lake Mead NRA recently signed a five-year cooperative agreement with the Clark County, Nevada, School District that paves the way for the park to reimburse schools for the cost of transportation for field trips.

The park has been awarded funding for two programs that involve funds for transporting students to the park – “Project Adventure” and “Graduation 2016-Healthy Land, Healthy Us!”

“Project Adventure” is an outdoor education program designed for middle and high school students focusing on writing, birding, and history while taking students on a smooth water raft trip on the Colorado River. Lake Mead is partnering with Black Canyon Willow Beach River Adventures, an NPS concessioner, for this curriculum-based education program. Funding for this comes from the park’s recreation fee revenues.

“Graduation 2016-Healthy Land, Healthy Us!” is an education program in its fourth year as part of the NPS centennial anniversary celebration. The park has partnered with six area schools, providing students from the graduating class of 2016 with different experiences each year. Students involved in this program began three years ago as sixth graders and are now entering their freshman year in high school.

Up to this point, Lake Mead had no mechanism in place for reimbursing the school district for the cost of busses using funds acquired through “Parks As Classrooms” grants and interpretation and education funds. With much teamwork, negotiation and collaboration between the park’s contracting officer, the regional solicitor, and the school district, an agreement was finalized on August 16th.

Now that the agreement is in place, it opens up more opportunities for federal source funding to be used for transportation costs. It removes some barriers that would have limited the park’s ability to fully implement many of “A Call to Action” initiatives, such as “Step by Step”, “A Class Act”, ‘Live and Learn” and “Ticket to Ride.” 

Please contact the park’s education program manager, Ellen Anderson, at or 702-293-8957 for more information.


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