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Glines Canyon Dam Demolition Continues

Olympic National Park

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Two controlled blasts were used to notch and lower the Glines Canyon Dam in late July.

Together, the blasts lowered the reservoir from 496 to 490 feet. A total of six controlled blasts in July lowered the reservoir a total of 24 feet, from a starting elevation of 514 feet to a final elevation of 490 feet. Only 90 feet or so of the once 210-foot-high dam remain.

No further notching will be done until mid-September, as the latest 'fish window' began on August 1st and will continue through September 15th. During 'fish windows,' all reservoir-lowering work is halted in order to protect fish from harmful effects of sediment.

Altair Campground reopened on August 1st after being closed for visitor safety during the July notching period. The campground will remain open this year through September 15th.

While work to lower the dam is on hold for the fish window, crews continue to be busy at the Glines site. Over the next two weeks, contractors will pour concrete to improve the walkway above the spillway, drill in preparation for the next two shots, and prepare for the removal of the intake tower. Work to lower the dam will resume on September 17th.

For more information on the river’s restoration and some additional images, go to the park’s blog at the “More Information” link below.


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