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Ten People Rescued, One Missing During Memorial Day Weekend

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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Rangers rescued ten boaters at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area during an extremely windy Memorial Day weekend while search efforts continue for a swimmer last seen in Warm Creek Bay.  Nine people, including six children, were rescued near Castle Rock when their boat swamped in high waves and wind. Rangers were on scene within minutes of receiving a call from one of the onboard passengers. A 28-year-old kayaker was rescued after his kayak was overturned by a wave and he was unable to right his vessel. The kayaker was in the water for approximately 1 ½ hours before he was able to make it to shore and rangers arrived on the scene. He was treated for hypothermia and released later that night.

A swimmer was reported missing on Friday afternoon from a drifting houseboat in Warm Creek Bay. High winds pushed the boat away from the swimmers and one of them began to call for help. The remaining three people on the boat were able to rescue one swimmer, but 26-year-old Colby Roman from Scottsdale, Arizona, slipped beneath the waves and could not be located. The search is being conducted by National Park Service and Utah Highway Patrol teams with air, water, and sonar resources.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area staff wants to remind everyone, especially families with young children, to be extra vigilant around the water. Check weather forecasts, limit alcohol consumption, and make sure that lifejackets are the appropriate size. Staying safe is everyone’s responsibility.


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