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Rangers Rescue Capsized Teen Kayakers

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

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On Tuesday, July 19th, rangers received a report that two kayakers had capsized after becoming separated from the rest of their party in a storm between Sand Island and the mainland. The nine paddlers consisted of two guides, two adults, and five teenagers. They were taking a day-paddle trip to the Sand Island Lighthouse and were on their way back to the mainland when the storm cell reached them. The wind and waves increased during the storm, causing the two teen paddlers to capsize. The surface water temperature was forty47 degrees F.  One of the capsized teens was able to get back in his boat after spending approximately five minutes in the lake. The other teen lost contact with his boat and spent 15 to 20 minutes in Lake Superior before he was lifted out and laid across two kayaks lashed together. Both teens were wearing wet suits. The other members of the party paddled back to Little Sand Bay on the mainland and made contact with rangers.  Rangers responded by boat and found the two teens and their guide a half mile from York Island, where they had drifted during the storm. The rangers brought all three individuals and two kayaks on board and transported them to Little Sand Bay, where they were treated by the Red Cliff Reservation Ambulance Service and released.


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