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Two Struggling Swimmers Rescued From Lake

Amistad National Recreation Area

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Rangers received a report of two swimmers in trouble in the Governor’s Landing area on the evening of June 20th. Ranger Andrew Sanford, who was nearby, drove directly to the beach, while ranger Erik Wiita responded by boat. Sanford found the two women struggling in the water approximately 200 feet from shore. He donned a lifejacket, readied a rescue rope bag, and swam to the women. He calmed them down, then threw them the rope and drew them closer to him. Seeing that the younger woman was unable to keep herself afloat, Sanford held onto her, keeping her head above water for the several minutes it took for Wiita to get there by boat. The two rangers were able to pull the women aboard and deliver them safely to shore, where they were evaluated by paramedics from the Val Verde Regional Medical Center. The two women – a mom and her teenage daughter – had been floating on inflatable tubes when the wind pushed them away from shore. Becoming fearful, they deflated their tubes, thinking the wind would push them less. While attempting to swim back to shore, they became fatigued and began calling to bystanders for help.  They refused transport to the hospital.


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