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Park Participates In Keel-Laying Ceremony

Cabrillo National Monument

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More than 200 people, including several elected officials, tribal leaders, and representatives from Cabrillo National Monument and the Maritime Museum of San Diego, gathered on Friday, April 15th, to celebrate the ceremonial keel-laying of the full-sized, fully functional and historically accurate replica of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo’s flagship, San Salvador.

“This replica of the San Salvador will join all the cherished attractions of the city,” said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders.

The construction site will open to the public in mid-June, with completion expected in early 2013.  Formal partners with the Maritime Museum of San Diego, Cabrillo National Monument is dedicated to providing an experienced staff of interpreters and educators to help visitors at the build site understand and connect with the story of the Cabrillo expedition. 

“People from all over the world will come to watch the building of the San Salvador,” noted Superintendent Tom Workman, “and Cabrillo National Monument is proud to be one of the many organizations involved in this collaborative project.”

As a dynamic and compelling exhibit and educational platform for school children, residents, and visitors, this replica ship will tell the story of California’s multi-cultural origins, convey the first encounters between Europeans and the Native American population, and translate the significance of the Cabrillo expedition to all visitors, particularly K-12 students.  Through the California Mediterranean Research Learning Center’s LIVE (Live Interactive Virtual Experience) program, Cabrillo National Monument educators will be able to reach national and international audiences.

After construction, the San Salvador will remain on exhibit as part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s fleet of historic and replica ships and will travel along the coast of California as an ambassador for San Diego.


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