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Two new hungry mouths to feed on Shiloh Battlefield

Shiloh National Military Park

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For the fourth time in four years, Hiram and Julia, Shiloh Battlefield's nesting bald eagles are pleased to announce the birth of two chicks, the first at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, and the second young eaglet 26 hours later. What makes this year's event special is, for the first time, the arrivals could be witnessed live on the "Shiloh Eagle Cam" monitor at the park Visitor Center. In fact, visitors have been following the daily progress since the two eggs were laid back on February 8th and 11th. The park completed installation of the color camera in the tall pine tree overlooking the nest, which has doubled in size in the last four years, in early February. Using the camera's infrared capability, the park staff was also able to capture images of the nest from some very lonely, snowy nights early in the process.

Named by park staff after General Ulysses Grant and his wife, Hiram and Julia first made their home at Shiloh in the fall of 2007, choosing as their nest location a tree whose shadow literally falls on one of Shiloh's busiest tour roads. The pair have since successfully raised four eaglets on the battlefield, oblivious to the constant passage of cars and hikers. Over the past four years, the bald eagles have received quite a following, including a large number of "eagle paparazzi" who have the unique opportunity to set up their cameras within 70 feet of the nest tree. Examples of their excellent photography work can been seen at several websites, such as With the installation of the camera, visitors can now follow the young eaglets as they grow and mature over the next few weeks. The young birds should first take flight around Memorial Day. The park is continually updating the Shiloh website to provide photos to the public.


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