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Kamoamoa Eruption Continues

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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The eruption on Kilauea, now being referred to as the Kamoamoa Eruption, is continuing with considerable intensity, causing lava spatters to heights of 200 feet. Fissures are feeding a lava flow that extends nearly two miles from its source; near the fissure, the flow is hot, ropy pahoehoe, but at its terminus, the flow turns to a clinkery jumble of ‘a‘a (click on this link for Wikipedia descriptions of these two kinds of flows and other volcanic phenomena). The flow volume is calculated at 2.5 million cubic meters per day, five times more than Kilauea has been putting out from the east rift during the past several years. Lava flows have covered 162 acres of park land. East rift zone sulfur dioxide gas emissions are at 10,000 tonnes per day, significantly elevated above the 300 tonnes per day measured during the past several months and as recently as March 5th, prior to the fissure eruption. Lava-ignited wildfires have burned 78 acres of rain forest. The forest downwind of the fissures is choked by volcanic fumes; dieback of some ferns, shrubs, and trees is certain. Meanwhile, the park continues to enforce closures and operate under ICS (Gail Minami-Judd, IC).


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