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Park Moves Toward Greener Vehicle Fleet

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The leaves might be changing to their fall colors, but Timpanogos Cave National Monument is greener than ever.  Superintendent Denis Davis has made it a priority to ‘green up’ park operations and this year the park has made significant progress toward that goal, including a greener fleet of park vehicles.

The Timpanogos Cave fleet utilizes alternative fuel sources to lessen its impact on the environment.  There are bio-diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), hybrid, and electric vehicles in the fleet.  To promote awareness of the park’s efforts, car wraps were designed for each vehicle to showcase the park’s advancements and encourage more people to look into alternative fueled vehicles.  And people do notice.

Driving a newly wrapped vehicle home for the first time, Ranger Andrea Slaugh stopped the CNG Honda Civic at a fueling station.  It wasn’t long before the station’s other patrons begun to show interest. 

“One woman was very impressed that the National Park Service was being so environmentally conscious,” says Slaugh, “ and was interested in other efforts being made.” 

Pioneering new technology and the public’s awareness of it, Timpanogos Cave National Monument is happy to drive its new fleet of eco-wrapped, eco-informational vehicles.


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