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Mount Rainier from Sunset Park

Mount Rainier National Park


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Mount Rainier from St. Andrews ParkMount Rainier from Tacoma >
Mount Rainier from Sunset Park
Mount Rainier as viewed from Sunset Park Vicinity. Photo taken from over benchmark at the 6,756 feet elevation, on the lower end of ridge south of South Mowich Glacier. The view shows the three "high points" of Mount Rainier surrounding Sunset Amphitheatre - Liberty Cap (14,133 feet) on the left, Columbia Crest (14,410 feet) in the middle, and Point Success (14,150 feet) on the right. There is no immediate indication of renewed activity at Mount Rainier. However, the rapidly increasing population in the southern Puget Sound region, and the expansion of communities near Mount Rainier, has led to an increased overall risk to people and property once activity resumes. Scientists from universities and the government have responded by increasing the level of monitoring at Mount Rainier. New studies have been started aimed at learning the style and size of Rainier's past eruptions to predict better the nature of future activity, mapping the locations of particularly weak hydrothermally-altered rocks that would be more prone to collapse, and determining the structure of the rocks below the volcano so that any new earthquake swarms can be interpreted quickly and accurately. Earthquakes at Mount Rainier and other Cascade volcanoes are monitored by the University of Washington and the U.S. Geological Survey. Nineteen stations surrounding Mount Rainier are currently being maintained.


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